Week #13 Choice Poem

 Locker buddy

 You and only you listen to my problems

  When I’m sad you’re my shoulder to cry on

 When I’m happy you keep me happy

 You’re a true friend

 You eat my lunch I eat yours

 If we had a cupcake please share

 You’re a true friend always

 Here and there

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Week#7 Choice Post

My Family

 My family is loving supportive caring and inspirational. That’s why I decided to write my choice post on my family and my family well in my two familys my parents are divorced. So at my moms house it’s a family of 5 6 if you count my dog and at my dads house it’s a family of four with two on the way and another dog.

 At my moms house the family of six. My stepdad’s name is Jesse, my moms name is Kendra, my brothers name is Keegan, my step sisters name is Taylor, and my dogs name is sniper.  Our favorite thing to do as a family is to go to the dunes with the doors in the top off the jeep and go riding.  My siblings and I love to play Legos inside or out we always use her imagination is build things a lot.

 At my dads house a family of seven. My dad’s name is Jason, my step mom’s name is Crystal, my brothers name is Keegan, my step sisters name is Evalynn, and my stepbrother’s name is Ethan and my dogs name is Drake.  My brother and I love to build stuff in our tree fort we love to go on hikes in adventure out. As a family we love to work in the garden and ride our dirt bikes and quads.

 All in all, I love both my family is equally they both have amazing traits about them both inspirational and I love them dearly.

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Week #12 Have I Improved?

I have improved a lot in the last year or longer. I have become more confident and more of a problem solver. When writing a blog you have to be able to multiy task. I have been more confident in writing blogs such as I use to ask my teacher if this was right or if this or that was ok to post. I was just always scared that I was going to post not a grate blog. I remind myself of a bee because they work hard everyday to just improve themselves, for the next year.
Now, that I am more confident, I am a blogging expert. I feel more like a leader now that I have improved. I am so proud to say that I have improved a lot this year not just in blogs but in life itself.

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Digital Footprint Week #8

Digital Footprint 

My digital footprint would be positive and negitive because you would see that my future grandchildren,grandparents or even my future children would see that I am bored most of the time. They would also see that I look up a lot of recipes and song lyrics because I love to sing and cook. I can’t wait to see my future digital.

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Week #11 Apology Poem

Miles Away

  For all those times I was invited to see you,

 But I didn’t go

For all those times, I didn’t want to drive on the road

 I thought you were going to be fine and survive

 I was wrong and I lied

 I’m sorry I didn’t see you when I could

 Grandpa please


 I’m sorry

 Please come back

In memory of my Grandpa Clarence

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Week #9 Onomatopoeta Poem

The Light

When I walk on stage


I look at the DJ I hear the


of the play button

The music starts to play

It starts off slow then BAM

It starts to get fast

I feel the roughness to my voice

then words,

then passion,

then heart.

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Poem #2 Broken Hearts

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Broken Hearts

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away.

But now it looks as though there here to stay.

Oh I believe in yesterday.

Sometimes its hard to go here and there but sometimes you,

have to say goodbye daddy, hello mommy.

Were there reasons you left us or did you just not care.

So come home and stop waiting for life when life just happens sometimes

We used to be afraid but now we are brave and here to stay



Traditions #5

In my house on every birthday, we wake and smell the pancakes. We run down stairs and set the table and get ready for breakfast. On our pancake we get to put what ever we want such as syrup,cherry’s,blueberry’s,whipped cream. I always put the same thing on for every birthday peanut butter, syrup,whipped cream, and strawberry’s. Every single birthday night I get to choose what is for dinner I also choose the same thing which is Lasagna. With layers of cheesy goodness. 

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Women’s Rights Week-#4

The way women were treated in my opinion was horrible.

1790: New Jersey gives the vote to “all free inhabitants” of the state. It is revoked from women in 1807.

It’s crazy to me the way voting rights were, so disappointing because everyone was allowed to vote and then suddenly every women in the whole state was not allowed to vote. This is when equality comes in to play it’s not fair if men are allowed to vote and women were not women are just as important as men. Today women are judged on what they wear and what sport they play and what they say.

Women and girls around the world are denied the right to vote, to access education, and to apply for jobs – let alone be paid the same amount as a man for the same work. We work with women who are changing this status quo every day. We need to work with groups who are creating jobs, encouraging entrepreneurship, fighting for workers’ rights, and supporting women running for leadership positions so that all women can enjoy full political and economic rights.



We can and will be heard one day!!

Blog Audit

  1.  I have written 9 posts/blogs and more on the way
  2.  I had 9 challenge based blog
  3.  I had 4 people comment on my blog
  4.  My all about me received the most comments because it is describing all about me and people get to know me
  5. I loved writing the shoe off post because I got to show off and state my talent
  6. I left my blog theme the way It is because I like and choose It for a reason an that reason is it fits my personality.
  7. I have 9 widgets and I personally don’t think you can have to many widgets
  8. I think I have 1 over seas student that has been on my blog and he or she lives in Australia
  9. I used the tools of my picture widgets and all my other widget                                                                             What is your first impression of this blog?  That I worked hard and took a lot of time.                                         What captured your attention? How true it is about you and all the pictures I used to grab attention.                 What distracted you on the blog? Nothing really, maybe the different fonts a little bit but this blog was good!   What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog? Elaborate more on yourself, more adjectives to describe things in a fuller scale.

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